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Fluorocarbons and Rare Gases
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1. ҫصˡ (Ar, O2, N2, H2, He, CO2, Xe)
2. Nitrogen Generator PSA & Membrane Technology
3. ûءҫصˡСᾷ
4. ෤ա÷ӤҴ¹
6. Industrial Gas Plant

1. Portable Combustible Gas Detection - Gas Master

GasMaster KT-606 Portable Gas Detector 

Detected Gas: Combustible Gases such as Natual Gas, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Coal Gas, Alkyl, Ethanol, Ketone, Benzene, Gasoline, Volatile Liquid etc. 
 Detection Theory: Catalytic combustion type 
Measurement Range: 0-100%LEL 
Sensor : Alphasense UK 
Dimension :65*148*30 (mm) 
Sampling Mode :Pump absorb or Diffusion 
Response Time: < 30 seconds 
Alarm Mode: Sound & Light alarm, LCD display detected gas actual chroma value 
Explosion Prevention Type: Intrinsic Safety Explosion Prevention Mark: Exdib CT6 
Working Temperature: -20 to +70 C 
Relative Humidity: 20%-95%RH 
Uninterrupted Working: > 8 Hours 
Power Supply:3.7V lithium battery --------------- (Match the charger)
Model FC-050K-15 , Power : 500 W at 9.0 V

The hydrogen/air PEM fuel cells FC-019K-5 to FC-05K-15 are our largest commercial stacks, offered together with cooling fans. Capable of providing power from 195 to 500 W in their optimal operating conditions, they can be used in laboratory settings or for small stationary and portable systems. Choose between 5 and 15 cells models and make your first step towards the future hydrogen economy

9c. HB-PR 1800, 1800 Liter Hydrogen Storage

- Mini-hydrogen stationfor laboratories - Can supply high purity hydrogen for long periods of time - Ultra high purity at 99.9999% of Hydrogen

ͧҫҾ GasMaster Z92

ͧҫҾ GasMaster Z92

ͧҫҾ   GasMaster Z92 öǨѴҫẺ 2 ૹͧ   ¡Ѵҫ CO2 ҹѴ 0 - 50 %  Сҫ෹ CH4 ҹѴ 0 100 % ෤աõǨѺẺԹô  Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR)  šѴ§ç  ءҹǹҹ ҤһѴ оѲǡê  
1. سԷöس㹵
2. 繷ҷط UART, ҷطçѹ俿ҷҹ
3. ͧҫҾ  GasMaster Z92 Թôҡŷҧ鹨ҡôٴҫԹô෤   
4. ͡ẺŹ͡Ẻǧ÷˹͡ҷöҾǴ㹺ѡҫҾ   СõǨͺ ԵҫҾСҫ෹


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