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Fluorocarbons and Rare Gases
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Activated Carbon
Activated Carbons, offering a wide range of products
for environment protection and living environment improvement.
Recently, activated carbons are playing an important role
in environmental protection, water treatment,
and dioxin removal.
Molecular Sieving Carbon
Carbon Molecular Seive Applications:

Seperation of normal and isomeric hydrocarbons
Natural gas drying, CO2 removal, Gas Sweetening
N2/O2 Gas separation, Gas Generator
Seperations of aromatics
H2 Purification
Liquidfied Petroleum gas sweetening
Electronic assembly
Electronic assembly
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Fine chemicals
Fine chemicals
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* Aerosols
* Foam
Precision Industries
Precision Industries
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*Cleaning - Polishing - Tarnishing
*Insulation-Fire Protection
*Low temperature sterilization
*Precision cleaning
*Protection - Lubrication - Coating

1. Portable Combustible Gas Detection - Gas Master

GasMaster KT-606 Portable Gas Detector 

Detected Gas: Combustible Gases such as Natual Gas, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Coal Gas, Alkyl, Ethanol, Ketone, Benzene, Gasoline, Volatile Liquid etc. 
 Detection Theory: Catalytic combustion type 
Measurement Range: 0-100%LEL 
Sensor : Alphasense UK 
Dimension :65*148*30 (mm) 
Sampling Mode :Pump absorb or Diffusion 
Response Time: < 30 seconds 
Alarm Mode: Sound & Light alarm, LCD display detected gas actual chroma value 
Explosion Prevention Type: Intrinsic Safety Explosion Prevention Mark: Exdib CT6 
Working Temperature: -20 to +70 C 
Relative Humidity: 20%-95%RH 
Uninterrupted Working: > 8 Hours 
Power Supply:3.7V lithium battery --------------- (Match the charger)
Model FC-050K-15 , Power : 500 W at 9.0 V

The hydrogen/air PEM fuel cells FC-019K-5 to FC-05K-15 are our largest commercial stacks, offered together with cooling fans. Capable of providing power from 195 to 500 W in their optimal operating conditions, they can be used in laboratory settings or for small stationary and portable systems. Choose between 5 and 15 cells models and make your first step towards the future hydrogen economy

9c. HB-PR 1800, 1800 Liter Hydrogen Storage

- Mini-hydrogen stationfor laboratories - Can supply high purity hydrogen for long periods of time - Ultra high purity at 99.9999% of Hydrogen

ͧҫҾ GasMaster Z92

ͧҫҾ GasMaster Z92

ͧҫҾ   GasMaster Z92 öǨѴҫẺ 2 ૹͧ   ¡Ѵҫ CO2 ҹѴ 0 - 50 %  Сҫ෹ CH4 ҹѴ 0 100 % ෤աõǨѺẺԹô  Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR)  šѴ§ç  ءҹǹҹ ҤһѴ оѲǡê  
1. سԷöس㹵
2. 繷ҷط UART, ҷطçѹ俿ҷҹ
3. ͧҫҾ  GasMaster Z92 Թôҡŷҧ鹨ҡôٴҫԹô෤   
4. ͡ẺŹ͡Ẻǧ÷˹͡ҷöҾǴ㹺ѡҫҾ   СõǨͺ ԵҫҾСҫ෹


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